Calvary Presbyterian Church of Detroit

Fall Revival

A Linking of Church, Community, and the Academy

On November 13, 14, and 15, 2023 we will have our fall revival. It is themed, “Being the Church in a Post-Pandemic World!” This year’s revival format will vary slightly from how revivals have been structured and presented in the past. In an attempt to provide a robust time of renewal which would include, each night, the offering of a workshop/dialogue, light meal, and joyous worship and preaching, we are in prayer for God to be involved in our desire to be revived. Each night will begin with a community conversation guided by one of our local seminary and church scholars (topics to be announced). Immediately following the conversation, we will have a light meal. After the light meal, we will gather for praise and worship, inclusive of singing, praying, and dynamic preaching. So far our local scholars are lined up for the community conversations. Our preachers and their praise teams/choirs are committed to lifting the name of the Lord, now all we need is your presence, and the presence of those we will invite. Our hope is that those who come will leave from the experience, revived, so that we can do some reviving! Our Evangelism Team continues to work on the details. Keep this event in your prayers.

Event Details

Organizer : Calvary Presbyterian Church of Detroit

Start Date : 2023-11-13

End Date : 2023-11-15

Time : 6:00 pm

Event Venue

Address : 19125 Greenview, Detroit MI 48219

E-mail :

Phone : 313.537.2590